[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG "Slices, Keyframes & GIFs Help!"

Kill TV contact at killtv.me
Sat Oct 12 02:14:13 EEST 2019


We’re in dire help! 

We love your software for it is doing major for us, but we cannot figure out how to make a perfect slice from our uploaded video! 

I’ve listed our issue below. 


This is how our system works: 

1. User uploads video
2. Video is spliced into multiple mp4 files
3. User is shown those mp4 files
4. Upon choosing the mp4 file a Gif is created 

The issue is in #2. 

It seems that for playback in #3, the video player will not play the ’slice’ created in step #2 if the keyframe is cut in half…

We can’t figure out how to set the keyframe to a particular value or to know what a keyframe is, in order to control it... 

What we are trying to do is make 5-second slices at a particular time code per minute. 

Example: make 5-second slices at 0, 15, 30, 45 second for every minute uploaded. 

I’ve read you have to force keyframes but that is also causing issues in the splicing, for the amount of time for each splice. 

So we’re stuck.. I’ve cc’d our developer in this email, so please do reply to ‘all’ if you can help! 


Right now this is the biggest last step before we launch our product! 

Any help on where to go or if there is an expert that can help, would be amazing!

Thank you, hope you can help us! 


Christopher Neil
Founder / Overlord @killtv.me


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