[FFmpeg-user] Adding macrovision style copy protection to a theora video

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sat Oct 19 16:28:46 EEST 2019

On 10/18/2019 5:12 PM, Mark Toman wrote:
> Is there a way to get a video output by ffmpeg to send an extra vblank with
> random pixels that a TV would ignore but would mess up a video recorded on
> a vcr? I am planning to develop come develop a video game and some of the
> video cut scenes should not be possible to copy.

(There is/was a digital Macrovision, but as Carl Eugen mentions, MV really 
an analog mechanism.)

First question is whether there will be an analog signal -to- record. 
Assuming a PC/MAC-based game, the video signal is most likely digital or 
RGBVH (VGA) and neither is convenient to record on a VCR or DVD recorder.

Likewise, if someone is using a screen recorder on the gaming machine, AFAIK 
nothing will prevent the user from recording it that way.

And, of course, nothing will stop a user from aiming their camera at the screen.



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