[FFmpeg-user] Covert to TS and back

Rodney Baker rodney.baker at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 21:13:09 EEST 2019

> Why not just keep the original?  (Or, what's to be accomplished by the
> double conversion?)

This was what I was thinking as well.
There is something intriguing about the odd idea of round-tripping in the
sense of non destructive manipulation of data.
At least in keeping the original, the data in transition would have a
target to hit.  I would think this key to restoration of the changed data.
Another option (in this round-tripping scenario) would be to record the
steps taken and then simply (?) reverse/retrace back again.
I'm not sure how practical such a thing is but I'm certainly curious about
the use cases as well.


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