[FFmpeg-user] Smooth FPS change via ffmpeg

Rodney Baker rodney.baker at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 21:50:55 EEST 2019

Forgive the naive response but...
Isn't FPS mostly a matter of playback via a viewer (in earlier days mostly
a projector)?

What I mean by this is that one second is one second no matter how we cut
it so we have a finite number of frames we can place into that second.  If
the FPS is 24 we only get 24 frames to work with... 240 FPS gives us 240
frames to work with.  Apologies for stating the obvious here.

To me this seems to be the hint of a way forward.
We might for instance look at the playback software/device and ask, "How do
we manipulate the speed of the playback?"
Then the frames all stay the same... just the playback speed of those
frames changes.

This does still matter for actual frames of course in that if we start with
24 frames we can't pull out new.additional frames out of nowhere without
some method of creating those additional frames.  When starting with 240
frames it could be somewhat easier in that we just have to ignore or leave
out some selection of frames although there are potential issues with loss
of information from the discarded frames.  Where things get difficult is
when a selected frame doesn't contain the imagery we need.  For example
perhaps there are blurs present that we can't easily remove or... we need
blurs where none are present.

Just a recurring thought I have whenever topic of changing FPS arise.
Apologies if this is slightly off topic.

(First time posting but long time reading.  I enjoy all the information on
this mailing list!)
- Rodney

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