[FFmpeg-user] Stereoscopic hwaccel

JackDesBwa jackdesbwa at desbwa.org
Fri Sep 27 20:22:16 EEST 2019

> I wonder if VAProfileH264StereoHigh is really what you are looking
> for...

It is hard to find information about it, as most answers come from
a pasting of the results of vainfo command.
However, I could have determined (through driver code for example)
that it is related to Multiview Video Coding which sounds good for
stereoscopic videos I would like to create.

> You would have to ask in #ffmpeg as such a filter would not
> be part of libx264 (which by definition always re-encodes).

Ok, I will go there when I have some time.

> Note that I was not aware vaapi supports 3d information, did
> you find any additional information?

Nope. It is mainly based on this observation on the
VAProfileH264StereoHigh profile.
Thus I wondered if I could use it to accelerate encoding of my
stereoscopic videos (or with nvenc, whatever).


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