[FFmpeg-user] concat mp4 text list input and wav text list input into one video/audio file?

Ram Shaffir ram at ram.sh
Sat Jul 4 15:48:09 EEST 2020

Many thanks Moritz! Very simple once you know!

A necessary tweak for this task is to move the audio 1.5 seconds forward; I added '-itsoffset 1.5' before the audio input:

ffmpeg -y -f concat -safe 0 -i /usr/ramDisk/video.txt -f concat -safe 0 -itsoffset 1.5 -i /usr/ramDisk/audio.txt -c copy -c:a aac -movflags +faststart /usr/ramDisk/merged.mp4

But it doesn't seem to affect the output.

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