[FFmpeg-user] replace several lines by one using the filter_complex

Leonardo lsbplsb at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 10 14:45:51 EEST 2020


    On Friday, July 10, 2020, 1:37:39 AM GMT-3, Gyan Doshi <ffmpeg at gyani.pro> wrote:  

Yes, using the concat filter.

    ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -filter_complex "[0:v]trim=start=7:end=1173,setpts=PTS-STARTPTS[v1];[0:v]trim=start=1260:end=1430,setpts=PTS-STARTPTS[v2];[0:a]atrim=start=7:end=1173,asetpts=PTS-STARTPTS[a1];[0:a]atrim=start=1260:end=1430,asetpts=PTS-STARTPTS[a2];[v1][a1][v2][a2]concat=n=2:v=1:a=1" merged.mp4


Thank you Gyan !!
Kind regards,Leonardo 


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