[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg extract hdmv pgs subtitle from mkv to srt or ssa

Gema Grueso gegrot at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 09:50:10 EEST 2020

El lun., 20 jul. 2020 a las 3:57, Ramon Brea (<ramon.brea001 at gmail.com>)

> I’ve also tried extracting the subtitle in it’s original form (HDMV_PGS)
> but don’t know how to input the command to even get the subtitle extracted.
> Any ideas? Thanks

Dear Ramon,
As Eugen says, ffmpeg can not "read" your subtitles. If you need to convert
them into text you need to use another tool. For your case I've used
Subtitle edit https://www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/
It has optical character recognition so you only need to check if the
result makes sense and then you can export them to any text based file you
need. Here is a video about the process too
Hope it helps

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