[FFmpeg-user] cli options for publishing live stream with passthrough?

Arthur Hays avhaysjr at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 23:44:05 EEST 2020

I would like to publish a live stream to castr.io (or youtube live or 
facebook live) using RTMP.  I've previously edited and exported from 
Premiere so it's already a file on disk encoded with H.264 and the 
bitrate I want.

I've found a few examples of some possible arguments.  For rtmp:

-f flv "*rtmp://p.ep246802.i.akamaientrypoint.net/EntryPoint* 
flashver=FMLE/3.020(compatible;20FMSc/1.0) live=true pubUser=*123456* 
pubPasswd=*789123* playpath=*dclive_1_1 at 246802*"

and for passthrough:

"-vcodec copy -acodec copy"

And from the documentation:

ffmpeg -re -i <input> -f flv -rtmp_playpath some/long/path -rtmp_app 
long/app/name rtmp://username:password@myserver/

I would appreciate if someone could put this all together for me with 
the right command.  Thanks!

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