[FFmpeg-user] Memory consumption issue with filter_complex

CC cucucat at riseup.net
Fri Jun 5 03:42:48 EEST 2020

Hi, I am using FFmpeg for live streaming. I am having an issue with
memory consumption while FFmpeg is encoding. My machine has 16GB of ram
and I've experienced the same results on an older Intel i5 and an up to
date Ryzen CPU. When it runs, FFmpeg will slowly eat up all memory until
I quit it or the machine crashes. This doesn't happen if I reduce some
of the complexity. Also, I'm not an expert, so if they are any issues
with my syntax, I apologize in advance and I'll do my best to explain
what I'm trying to accomplish if anyone is confused.

I'm including two debug log files (the full command used is pasted at
the top of each log). Log 1 is the command in which I experience the
memory consumption. It contains the input "-video_size 960x480
-framerate 60 -f x11grab -probesize 64M -thread_queue_size 40960 -i
:0.0+0,0". In log 2, x11grab is replaced by a video file "-stream_loop
-1 -i vid/falls.mkv". While running the stable command, htop will report
memory usage sitting consistently at about 1.35G. Also, If I have
x11grab at a smaller resolution (320x240 instead of 960x480) it is
stable as well. I am using the latest build (20200603).

Log 1 (memory consumption): https://termbin.com/x2ks
Log 2 (stable): https://termbin.com/yoyo

Thank you.

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