[FFmpeg-user] 20200617-win64-static-Converted video clips into key frames are blurry

黑雨天 heiyutian at qq.com
Sat Jun 20 12:04:10 EEST 2020

win10 ffmpeg-20200617-0b3bd00-win64-static.zip CPU i5-9400  GPU  NVIDIA GTX 1660s ffmpeg -i ss11.mp4 -strict -2 -qscale 0 -intra -c:v h264_nvenc ss111.mp4 I converted the mp4 video clips into key frames, using the above hardware and commands, the video became very blurred after the conversion. The video bit rate is very high and should not be the case. I often clip video into many clips. Direct merging will cause video length and video picture to be bothered by key frame problem, so I will convert video into key frame. In the past, on the old computer, I could convert the video into key frame through the above command and then merge. Now the new computer doesn't know why it will be very fuzzy after conversion. YouTube Update video https://youtu.be/feXEOfcTkVA or Play address   feXEOfcTkVA

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