[FFmpeg-user] Decode H264 RTP/UDP without SDP? Guessing at sprop-parameter-sets?

Michael McConnell michael at winkstreaming.com
Fri Jun 26 21:43:06 EEST 2020

Hello all,

Does anyone know of a way to decode H264 streaming over RTP/UDP without an SDP file? I realize the answer is basically no. My question is more, is there a way to intelligently guess or get clues from the RTP / H264 itself to generate a SDP (sprop-parameter-sets) file? 

That being said, is there a database of SDP files or an SDP generator or anything of the sort that someone might be aware of? Looking at various cameras and h264 sources, there appears to be a wide variety of options; however, when you decode sprop-parameter-sets from base64 it seems most of these parameters are unset in everyday use cases.

Perhaps my real question is, using a dummy SDP file, is there a way to generator a sprop-parameter-sets and cycle through? Would mode 96 work as a generic?


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