[FFmpeg-user] Different MD5 hashes for identical tracks

raistlin.mlists at yandex.ru raistlin.mlists at yandex.ru
Tue Jun 30 19:31:24 EEST 2020

Hello Ffmpeg-user,

There are 2 sample m2ts files (about 84 MB each):
https://mir.cr/0Y8ROTYT (1)
https://mir.cr/RFI1MNOM (2)

Stream a:5 in (1) and stream a:4 in (2) are identical (being binary
compared). Though ffmpeg reports they have different MD5 hashes:

ffmpeg -loglevel 4 -i 00001.m2ts -map 0:a:5 -codec copy -f md5 -

ffmpeg -loglevel 4 -i 00000.m2ts  -map 0:a:4 -codec copy -f md5 -

MD5 hashes for these streams being decoded (without '-codec copy') are
also different.

How could it be?

Best regards,
raistlin.mlists at yandex.ru

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