[FFmpeg-user] Is it possible to extract DVD angles from VOB files with ffmpeg?

Adam Kessel ajkessel at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 01:31:04 EEST 2020

Is it possible to select/extract individual angles from a VOB file?

I found an 8-year-old thread suggesting at least at that time it wasn't 

There appears to be an "-angle" option but as best I can tell that only 
applies to BluRay playlists.

If ffmpeg can't extract angles, can anyone suggest a currently 
maintained tool that does?

The closest I've found is tccat from the transcode package which does 
exactly this, but transcode is no longer maintained and doesn't build in 
recent Linux distribution releases. Getting it to compile or run on a 
modern distro would require some patching for updated libraries. When 
running under an old version, it's as simple as "tccat -i file.vob -T 
1,-1,1 > file_angle_1.vob" to extract angle 1 from file.vob.

If this isn't supported in ffmpeg, might it be possible to implement 
based on the transcode/tccat source code?

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