[FFmpeg-user] DE-REBERB

Anatoly anatoly at kazanfieldhockey.ru
Sat Oct 3 21:30:04 EEST 2020

On Sat, 3 Oct 2020 13:46:48 +0200
Marco Mircoli <nuvolablux at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
>    quite interested if there is a de-reverb funcion in ffmpeg or if
> is it possible to implement via plugins.
> Thanks in advance.
Don't know about current situation, but about a year ago I faced a need
to dereverbrate audio recording. I searched everywere and tested
everything I found, and two things below somehow worked for me. But
they are not related to ffmpeg yet.
1. https://github.com/helianvine/fdndlp
It is writen in python, slow, and possibly may require load whole file
into RAM buffer. But for speech it works well.
2. https://github.com/irungentoo/filter_audio/
It's writen in C, fast, but not as good as (1).

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