[FFmpeg-user] Glossary: Nyquist

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On 10/03/2020 05:12 PM, Michael Koch wrote:
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>> On 10/03/2020 02:05 PM, Anatoly wrote:
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>>> You should learn than what spectrum is.
>> Oh, please. Be easy with me. I'm just a simple electrical engineer.
>>> And how any complex waveform
>>> (with it's "information density") may be represented as a sum of many
>>> simple sinewaves.
>> Ah, now that would be a Taylor series, no?
> Joseph Fourier just turned around in his grave...

Is Nyquist a consequent of Fourier or Taylor?

The factor in spacial resolution is not sampling frequency or whether the sampling clock is a square 
wave or any particular wave. It's geometric. It's the geometry of the energy that reaches the eye 
and the eye's response (rods & cones). I think the issue is one of gaussian response, an issue of slope.

The gaussian rules the world of analog to digital conversion just as it rules the world of particle 
interactions. I don't see Fourier as applying to that.

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