[FFmpeg-user] Glossary: Nyquist

Anatoly anatoly at kazanfieldhockey.ru
Sun Oct 4 12:00:50 EEST 2020

On Sat, 3 Oct 2020 21:22:38 -0400
"Mark Filipak (ffmpeg)" <markfilipak at bog.us> wrote:

> Here's what I visualize:
> Imagine a heat map -- one of those colorful images ...reds and
> yellows and greens and blues. Then, imagine a screen in front of it,
> between you and the heat map. The screen is the final samples (ex:
> 720x480). 
Now write down temperature for every cell of your screen and draw x-Y
plot: temperature vs cell number in grid line.
> I think you'll agree that neither the screen nor the underlying heat
> map are serial in nature. Oh, they're transported as a sort-of raster
That doesn't really matter. Now you have x-Y plot of some function and
you can process it mathematically as you wish.
> -- that's for sure -- but that's not how they're made and I don't
> think that Fourier applies.
Then you must dont't think that you can JPEG compress your screen
image, because all JPEG/MPEG-like things works that way. 

>Thank you. Do you think I should just post the whole thing? I can't.
Not here, but maybe on github?

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