[FFmpeg-user] ffplay with Havision Makito X video encoder, H.264 stream, and "intra refresh" option enabled

Kevin Hise hisekc at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 02:13:45 EEST 2020

I'm looking for some ideas about decoding an H.264 video stream
encoded by a Haivision Makito-X encoder and using its "intra refresh"

When the option is enabled (e.g. turning intra refresh "on") the video
decode is delayed by several minutes...perhaps 30 to 45 minutes...I
assume because at some point the encoder randomly ends up sending out
a key frame (?) which allows the decode process to begin decoding.

Up until that point however there is no video. I've tried this in
FFMPEG 4.2, 4.3 and also using VLC....all have the same behavior.

I see lots of comments about ffmpeg supporting intra refresh but
nothing specific to anyone using it with other encoders, so I don't
know if intra refresh is encoder specific.

My question eventually ties into some ffmpeg software that I maintain
that implements a "video wall"...but I don't think is directly
programming related here.

Thank you.


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