[FFmpeg-user] ffplay as a music player

misswhocares at airmail.cc misswhocares at airmail.cc
Mon Oct 19 01:03:16 EEST 2020


I like to use either
-nodisp(hides window, and I think it combines with -autoexit, but I have 
never tried.
or rarely
-showmode mode 2 -fs (makes it fullscreen and uses my personal favorite 
visuals) or
-loop 0 (it loops forever, remember how I never used the -autoexit? I 
mostly listen to 3+ hour tracks.
-volume 100 something I like to put because I get paranoid I lowered the 
volume in ffplay. I would rather on the headset wheel.
you can also make the player really tiny, but I never use that. it's -x 
and -y

Anyone else like this? What are some good settings?

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