[FFmpeg-user] ERROR: srt >= 1.3.0 not found using pkg-config

rhannah at nrie.com.au rhannah at nrie.com.au
Wed Oct 21 04:21:58 EEST 2020

Trying to compile FFMPEG with SRT support, I have tried everything.


Basically trying to compile on latest Raspberry Pi Lite, using many clean


Have followed the guide at
https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/Ubuntu and there do not seem
to be any errors apart from some of the other libraries which I will ignore
and not use at the moment. I have done other compiles with the libraries I
need, leaving libsrt out for the time. Compile is OK there.


SRT is compiled according to
ling-libsrt/50975754#50975754 which seems to me to be correct, it compiles,
installs etc without any errors, providing I prefix some of the commands
with sudo or work from root


I have added the path for the srt.pc file to PKG_CONFIG_PATH

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/home/pi/ffmpeg_sources/srt/build/


Can use 


pkg-config --modversion srt and it gives 1.4.2


Compiling just to enable SRT according to the best instructions I can  find


sudo ./configure --enable-libsrt --pkg-config-flags="--static"


I can't get past the error ERROR: srt >= 1.3.0 not found using pkg-config


Has  anyone found where it is coming from?????? Log file attached but it
does not seem to add anything to the party




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