[FFmpeg-user] ERROR: srt >= 1.3.0 not found using pkg-config

rhannah at nrie.com.au rhannah at nrie.com.au
Wed Oct 21 07:40:42 EEST 2020

Yes, I see what you mean, I just went to the end of that log file to see why it crashed but there are a lot of other problems earlier on, get a similar result just when I run 
sudo ./configure

I guess it may be peculiar to the Pi, unfortunately I don't have another linux machine to try it on at the moment, 

Looks like the first lot of errors are around not knowing what the processor is, do you have any idea what the define should be? Currently trying to get it working on a Pi 3 B+

I may try and install an Ubuntu operating system on the device and see if I have more fortune


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> I can't get past the error ERROR: srt >= 1.3.0 not found using 
> pkg-config
> Has  anyone found where it is coming from?????? Log file attached but 
> it does not seem to add anything to the party

That’s not the only problem, can you run configure at all, with no options?

Ted Park

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