[FFmpeg-user] Problem in v360?

Edward Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 04:02:10 EET 2020


> After a deeper look into the quaternion multiplication, it seems to be correct. The terms are only written in a different order in the Wikipedia article.
> But it's a fact that the v360 rotations are broken, as can be shown by this simple test:
> You can use any equirectangular input image.
> First make a combined rotation yaw=90 and pitch=45 in the default rotation order (ypr),
> then rotate back pitch = -45,
> then rotate back yaw = -90.
> The output image should be the same as the input image. But it isn't.

It seems to me it assumes a 45° vertical fov and 90° horizontal fov on both input and output, does that affect the behavior at all? (Or am I not understanding right)

Ted Park

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