[FFmpeg-user] [hls] keepalive request failed

Reino Wijnsma rwijnsma at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 25 16:09:26 EET 2020

Hello Edward,

On 2020-10-25T03:07:02+0100, Edward Park <kumowoon1025 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> ffmpeg -fflags +igndts -i "https://vod-kijk2-prod.talpatvcdn.nl/GIEBboXaKkD/3bf69d5f-da4f-7756-7e3d-ad8d1295f936/GIEBboXaKkD-index.ism/GIEBboXaKkD-index-audio=160000-video=3031502.m3u8" -i "https://vod-kijk2-prod.talpatvcdn.nl/webvtt/760978E1.vtt" -c copy -c:s srt "output.mkv"
>>> [...]
>>> [mpegts @ 0500f040] PES packet size mismatchime=00:32:30.87 bitrate=3177.6kbits/s speed=2.52x
>>> [...]
>> To answer my own question: adding the flag "discardcorrupt" (-fflags +discardcorrupt+igndts) fixes the issue and keeps the process going. 
> Glad you found a workaround, but that’s a stopgap measure at best right? The “I/O error” messages are still encountered and new ssl sessions are established? Maybe there is a problem with how mbedtls is used in ffmpeg?

You're actually right. It doesn't fix the issue. Having watched the resulting video I noticed the corrupt parts to be missing indeed. They caused small gaps of around 1 second in duration.
I'm not a FFmpeg developer, so I can't comment on the implementation of mbedTLS.

Earlier I have already tried different -reconnect* options, but to no avail.


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