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Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Mon Oct 26 07:44:15 EET 2020

On 10/25/2020 10:14 PM, Juan carlos Rebate wrote:
> However if you compile two separate versions
> there would be no licensing issue if you share it, would it?

If you "share" the build, then technically you're distributing it. The one 
that's GPL only is perfectly fine to share (following the rules of the GPL, 
please read them....), but if non-free parts are statically linked in, then 
I don't think that one is distributable.

The questions that drive "can I distribute" include-
Is this a static or dynamic build?
Does it contain GPL components?
Does it contain non-free components?
There are cases where you can share a dynamic build (no GPL parts) that 
links to non-free libraries but not a static build. (I think building with 
BMD Decklink support is in that catagory.)

(Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a simple matrix to cover this. 
Maybe I'll write one up sometime.)

A big question is whether you need --enable-gpl or not.

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