[FFmpeg-user] sudo: ffmpeg: command not found

Marc Erickson marcerickson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 21:50:19 EET 2020

I compiled ffmpeg using the instructions here:



I didn't include libfdk-aac libmp3lame libsvtav1


When I tried to convert an .ape file to a .flac file, I got the error:

sudo: ffmpeg: command not found


The command I used I have used successfully before on Ubuntu Server 18.04
with an xubuntu GUI and ffmpeg installed from the repository.
Unfortunately, I couldn't install ffmpeg from the repository on my Ubuntu
Server 20.04 with an xubuntu GUI because there were unmet dependencies.
That's why I compiled ffmpeg.


The config.log file is attached.


Thanks in advance.

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