[FFmpeg-user] Are pipe's slow?

Simon Brown simon.k.brown at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 11:28:52 EEST 2020


ffmpeg -i udp://:61120 -c:v copy -an -f h264 pipe:1 |

I have had some raw h264 video finally playing at the correct frame rate,
etc.  However, in using ffmpeg to pipe it to myTestOnDemandRTSPServer I
find that ffmpeg runs out of buffer space before long and so I can only get
15 seconds of video at a time.  If I run ffmpeg on its own creating a file
on the disk, then it can run without buffer overrun errors.  Equally, if I
run myTestOnDemandRTSPServer from a file then it can play it without
issue.  It seems to be the combination of the two that causes the problem.

So is there something that can be optimised with using pipes?  Or would it
be better to change the input of myTestOnDemandRTSPServer to use a UDP
source for the stream?



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