[FFmpeg-user] Problem about duration value of converted mp3 file

Edward Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 09:47:24 EEST 2020


> Does anyone know anything about it?
> I use the 96k option, but a difference of about 1s remains.
> The file size is large, so I want to use it with more compression, but I
> cannot apply it.

>> The contents requested for confirmation have been retested and confirmed.
>> This is the result of recording a wav file on an Android device and
>> converting it on Windows PC.
>> The length of the original file is 26:39, and the result of converting it
>> to the default option is 25:47, which is displayed in Windows Explorer and
>> the file size is 4,686KB.
>> If this is converted using the -b:a 96k option, it has the same length as
>> the original 26:39 and the file size is 18,740KB.
>> I checked and played both the original file and the converted file using
>> ocenaudio SW, it marked as 26:39 and played.
>> However, the converted file by default is displayed in the time of 25:47
>> in Media Player and played.

Okay, so the file displays 25:47 in Media Player and plays... how long? Have you tried actually timing it, perhaps with a stopwatch like on your phone? I mean that is like a ~40 second difference if the number displayed is accurate I think you would be reporting some other issue, like being truncated, or sped up, skipping, etc. 

Ted Park

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