[FFmpeg-user] Create lossless PNG compressed avi video - not MPNG - for ImageJ

Rainer M Krug Rainer at krugs.de
Tue Sep 15 12:46:51 EEST 2020


I want to compress avi videos which will be read into ImageJ, which supports the following formats:


	• Only a few formats are supported:
		• Uncompressed 8 bit with palette (LUT)
		• Uncompressed 8 & 16 bit grayscale
		• Uncompressed 24 & 32 bit RGB (alpha channel ignored)
		• Uncompressed 32 bit AYUV (alpha channel ignored)
		• Various YUV 4:2:2 compressed formats
		• PNG or JPEG-encoded individual frames.
		• MJPG (motion-JPEG)
	• Does not read AVI formats with more than one frame per chunk
	• Palette changes during the video not supported
	• Out-of-sequence frames (sequence given by index) not supported
	• Different frame sizes in one file (rcFrame) not supported
	• Conversion of (A)YUV formats to grayscale is non-standard:
All 255 levels are kept as in the input (i.e. the full dynamic range of data from a frame grabber is preserved). For standard behavior, use "Brightness&Contrast", Press "Set", enter "Min." 16, "Max." 235, and press "Apply”.

I tried the following

ffmpeg -i 20200728_00019.avi -vcodec png 20200728_00019.comp.avi

But this gives me an error in ImageJ: "Unsupported compression: 474e504d 'MPNG' in line 16”

Is there a way, that I can use ffmpeg to compress an avi moc=vi using PNG compression, and not MPNG?

Or am I missing something here?



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