[FFmpeg-user] how to convert *.cin into *.avi?

Jim DeLaHunt list+ffmpeg-user at jdlh.com
Sat Sep 19 22:25:12 EEST 2020

On 2020-09-19 02:26, peter.lysyansky at gmail.com wrote:

> ...
> The FFmpeg command:
> >ffmpeg -i usimage200001010021041935.cin usimage200001010021041935.avi
> And the result is:
> "usimage200001010021041935.cin: Invalid data found when processing input"
[…image deleted…]

For the next time, please do not send a screen shot of a Command Prompt 
window. Instead, copy the text from the Command Prompt window and paste 
that text into your message. It is easier to read and modify text than a 
picture (of a Command Prompt window). Giving readers of the list text 
instead of a picture reduces the work they have to do in order to 
understand your situation. It demonstrates respect, and might lead to 
more offers of help.

Fortunately, the FFmpeg run you posted was short and simple, so people 
who want to help will probably look at the screen shot.

It looks like the FFmpeg version you are running is dated 2020-08-31. 
(I'd copy and paste the exact version string, but I can't, because it's 
a picture not text.) That is recent, but not current. One step you can 
take is to get the absolute latest copy of FFmpeg and try again. It's 
possible that a relevant bug in FFmpeg got fixed in the last three weeks.

The error message, "Invalid data found when processing input", implies 
to me that 1. FFmpeg thinks it supports this file format, and 2. that 
the file you supplied appears to not conform to that file format.

How confident are you that the contents of the file are correctly formatted?

Does this same command line succeed with other *.cin files which you have?

One final suggestion. It's great that you have sample files for testing 
by the people who help you. However, it is better to put them on a 
server somewhere and send a link to the file, instead of attaching the 
file to a message sent to the list. 9MB of attachments * many hundreds 
or thousands of subscribers to this list = a lot of disk space around 
the world consumed by these attachments. What I typically do is put the 
file in a public folder on my free Dropbox account, and have Dropbox 
give me a sharing link to that file.  Then I can send just the link.

I hope this is helpful for you. Best regards,
     —Jim DeLaHunt

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