[FFmpeg-user] (no subject)

vinod kc kcvinu82 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 23:21:08 EEST 2020

I have a video with 45 minutes duration. This video contains 2-5 breaks.
Each break time lasts 10 seconds. At this time, the screen is completely
black. But, we can see a watermark and time code clearly. So I want to get;
1. The start and end time of this black screen break.
2. The time code on this black screen frame.
I hope somebody can help me with this. Now, i have this code and i can
create a text file with this.
ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vf blackdetect=d="8":pic_th="0.90":pix_th="0.10" -an
-f null - 2> logfile.txt
But this code will only find the start time & end time  of each break. I
want the time code also. And one more thing. Those numeric values in that
code is the result of my trial and error experiment. I don't know what are
they. I hope someone will give a clarity on this subject. Thanks in advance.
-Vinod Chandran.


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