[FFmpeg-user] "cookies" option doesn't seem to work.

Edward Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 07:44:16 EEST 2020


> I'm trying to set cookies for a HLS request.
>> ffmpeg -v 99 -cookies "test=blabla;" -i
> https://del.thumva.com/hls/20200621-0005-05/index_1.m3u8
> But the request doesn't actually include my cookie:

See docs for http in ffmpeg-protocols.

> At the very least, each cookie must specify a value along with a path and domain.  HTTP requests that match both the domain and path will automatically include the cookie value in the HTTP Cookie header field. Multiple cookies can be delimited by a newline.
> The required syntax to play a stream specifying a cookie is:
>   ffplay -cookies "nlqptid=nltid=tsn; path=/; domain=somedomain.com;” http://somedomain.com/somestream.m3u8

Ted Park

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