[FFmpeg-user] chroma colour

Paul Bourke paul.bourke at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 03:06:55 EEST 2020

> >> Nice idea, what upscaling methods you use? Do you use swscale by any chance?
> > Not sure I understand. I don't upscale the movie/image, rather my code
> > that creates the remap filters just creates the maps 2,3,4 times
> > bigger than I eventually plan to use.
> Hi, Paul. Can you tell me something about "the maps"? Are you referring to an ordinary array of
> cooked picture samples or do you mean something special that I'm unaware of?

You are probably familiar with cube maps, that is, mapping a spherical
image (equirectangular) onto the faces of a cube, and then unfolding
the cube. One of many ways of representing a 3D world on a plane.
ffmpegs v360 does this and other mappings.

Here I'm mapping onto a icosahedron and then upwrapping that. I will
eventually write this up here but in the meantime here are two example
For images I use my own code, for movies one option is that I create
pgm files for the ffmpeg remap filter.

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