[FFmpeg-user] need help with making an "in sync" screen recording.

Amon Gibson Albuquerque Nunes amon.nunes at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 25 21:50:42 EEST 2020

> I don't know what you want to achieve...
i want to make a high-quality screen recoding using MPEG2 video codec.
so i can use it for editing stuff through an editing program of choice.
to that end i had to ensure the GOP number (-g command) is set to 1 while also attempting to raise the quality of the recorded video, hence why i had to use -bitrate parameter.
> Are you sure that you want to use pcm_s16be?
> It might reduce compatibility of your output file.
i mean, i *could* use something like AC-3, MP2 or even MP3 but when i use those codecs i get some intense hissing from them *not* during recording but from the recorded file *after* recording.
compatibility is not something i usually think of when recording MPEG stuff. in fact the only way i could get to check if my file is compatible with other programs and devices and whatnot is through ffprobe, i could try to check if my recording is compatible with VirtualDub2 as that is all i have right now but i tend to focus on recording stuff first and then worry about compatibility stuff later.
> Use -q 2 instead of -q 1, -bitrate has no effect afaict.
i'll keep that in mind.
> It is not possible to synchronize these two streams as they have very
> different start-times.
damn... the closest thing i've ever managed to do such a thing was to apply an "adelay" filter and do some guesswork with it.
turns out even that isn't feasible.
> I don't know if "use_wallclock_as_timestamps 1" helps in your case.
OK, i'll be trying out this command that you have suggested. i'll report back when i'm done.

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