[FFmpeg-user] How to create "Input #1", "Input #2" etc. in addition to "Input #0"?

Jim DeLaHunt list+ffmpeg-user at jdlh.com
Mon Sep 28 03:27:03 EEST 2020

On 2020-09-27 17:14, Stub via ffmpeg-user wrote:

> …When I then do a 'ffprobe' of the resulting output file, I get for example something like this:
> [… ffprobe output left out for brevity …]
> The streams that I have selected from the input files, all end up under the "Input #0" of the output file.
> My question is then this:Can I also have (and/or create) "Input #1", "Input #2", etc. in the output file container?Having an "Input #0" in the file, at least suggest that the container file can contain also "Input #1", "Input #2", etc.

A good next step on this list will be to  give a specific example of how 
you are using _ffmpeg_ on your input files, with a specific command line 
and console output, and tell us specifically what about that example is 
different than what you want.

What you showed was the result of running _ffprobe_ on the output file 
which did not turn out the way you wanted. That _ffprobe_ run does not 
let you tell us much.

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