[FFmpeg-user] should I shoot the dog?

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Tue Sep 29 05:28:40 EEST 2020

I've spent 2 days studying frame.h, pixfmt.h, dpx.c, packet.h, and escape124.c.
I haven't learned a damn thing.

Despite their vagueness and ambiguity, reading and understanding H.222 & H.262 are dead easy by 
comparison [1].

I just want to understand the frame structures that ffmpeg creates, and that ffmpeg uses in 
processing and filtering. Are Y, Cb, Cr separate buffers? That would be logical. Or are the Y, Cb, 
Cr values combined and organized similarly to macroblocks? I've found some code that supports that. 
Or are the Y, Cb, Cr values thrown together, pixel-by-pixel. That would be logical, too.

I really can't understand how anyone can architect these things without making some pictures.

Can anyone here help me, or should I shoot the dog?

[1] Reading and understanding H.222 & H.262 is slightly easier than self-administered appendectomy.

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