[FFmpeg-user] should I shoot the dog?

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Tue Sep 29 18:41:25 EEST 2020

On 09/29/2020 11:09 AM, Dave Stevens wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Sep 2020 10:48:42 -0400
> "Mark Filipak (ffmpeg)" <markfilipak at bog.us> wrote:
>> Hi Devin. Thanks much!
>> Your response came in while I was composing my previous message. I
>> see (below) that performance is a
> Because it reverses the normal order of reading!
> Why not top post?

Hi Dave,

Top posting is discouraged in the ffmpeg-user list. I personally loathe top posting and prefer an 
interleaved, call-and-response model. However, in the cited case, I felt that call-and-response 
would not have worked and would simply have been boring and "me too". In other words, I just wanted 
to acknowledge Devin's contribution and thank him one time, in one place.

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