[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg vsync option

Mar Andrés López mar.andres.l at gmv.com
Thu Apr 8 09:59:07 EEST 2021

Dear all,

I have a video with two streams, a video stream and a metadata stream, I would like to set the vsync option to set the time stamps according to the video stream.

In the documentation ffmpeg of vsync says that:

-vsync parameter

Video sync method. For compatibility reasons old values can be specified as numbers. Newly added values will have to be specified as strings always.

With -map you can select from which stream the timestamps should be taken. You can leave either video or audio unchanged and sync the remaining stream(s) to the unchanged one.

I would like to use the -map option to set the timestamps of the rest of the streams according with my video stream, but there is no example provided. How could I achieve this?

A lot of thanks,


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