[FFmpeg-user] How to dynamically drop frames as required to keep transcoding real time?

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Apr 8 11:56:21 EEST 2021

Adrian Cable (12021-04-08):
> Mark – yes – you’re understanding exactly right! I was thinking
> specifically of the encoder ‘throttle’ being a frame rate control, but
> other forms of quality control that could be self-adjusted by the
> encoder to keep up with the input would also work for me.
> I did look through the history here but couldn’t find anything quite
> applicable. I do appreciate you taking the time to understand my
> issue! Hopefully someone who has direct experience of how to achieve
> this will read this as a result and be able to help.

You realize that you are wasting your time by ignoring Carl Eugen's
authoritative answer, right?

If you want real help with your problem, start by stopping your


  Nicolas George
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