[FFmpeg-user] Combining download of ts stream with geometry modification into mp4?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Mon Apr 19 20:01:47 EEST 2021

On 4/19/2021 4:46 AM, Bo Berglund wrote:
>> *assuming that the source is producing a ts which is captured as-is
> I think that it is,

Which would be easily answered by including the command output (which should 
have been in the initial email).

Have you tried simply replacing
   -i <TSINFILE>
   -user_agent \"Mozilla\" -i <VIDEOURL> -t <CAPTURETIME>

If that does not work, post the complete command and output (and don't use 
-hide_banner). And, of course, use a current build of ffmpeg.


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