[FFmpeg-user] How to filter time dependent

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at CoSoCo.de
Fri Apr 23 13:03:52 EEST 2021

Thanks ...

Am 23.04.21 um 09:04 schrieb Michael Koch:
> .... Please have a look at the "streamselect" filter instead of "select".
Will do later.
> However the problem might be easier to solve if your filters A, B and C have timeline support with "enable" option. Use this command to find out if your filters have timeline support:
> ffmpeg -filters
I already had checked that. Unfortunately, crop has no timeline support:
$ ffmpeg -filters | grep crop
  ..C crop              V->V       Crop the input video.
T.. cropdetect        V->V       Auto-detect crop size.


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