[FFmpeg-user] Odd video output, playing RTSP on RPI

schrotty schrottloch at gmx.de
Fri Apr 23 17:01:21 EEST 2021

Hi guys.  I am trying to use ffplay for viewing an RTSP stream on a RPI.
i use this command : "sudo ffplay -rtsp_transport tcp -rtsp_flags
prefer_tcp rtsp://" .
my RPI is running a headless raspian installation.  the output result is
somewhat odd though.
i see the RTSP stream in the lower left corner of the screen at a very
low frame rate (1 frame  /10s) and then i also see a mouse pointer above
the RTSP stream area.
i assume i use the wrong output , but i am not sure.
i would like to play the RTSP stream at 25FPS in fullscreen. can any of
you guys help me with that ?

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