[FFmpeg-user] Can be done with FFMPEG?

Adrian Perello Marin nickvlc at outlook.com
Thu Apr 29 20:07:59 EEST 2021

Hello I have used the FFMPEG and “manually” Works perfect, but I don’t know if can be done from a CSV get some info to process some tasks:

1 Insert a JPG frontend (allways the same)
2 Create a Blank page with a border and include text (Different size and formats, Title, Subtitle, etc.)
3 Insert a JPG backend (allways the same)
4 Saves for YouTube and upload
5 Saves for RRSS less quality

Actually I can do and test (1 and 3) the option 2 try with drawtext=textfile=FILE.TXT but the format for the text show very close ☹
The 4 I’m searching if can be done and how, the 5th option I see can be done but not how….

Perhaps I need a profesional that can Help me to do it, in that case contact me to see how can we work together, this is for a  non-profit organisation from Spain. Thanks ¡!

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