[FFmpeg-user] vaapi crop and video size filters

Xu, Guangxin guangxin.xu at intel.com
Wed Jan 20 09:12:46 EET 2021

Sorry, I can't access the link.
Could you help file a issue at 

And attach your comandline?


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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] vaapi crop and video size filters
> with software libx264 using crop filter
> crop=width:heigh:x:y, i could crop around a specific point. using h264_vaapi
> and -vf crop=width:height doesn't control the crop location.
> also with libx264 -video_size=widthxheight worked, but with h264_vaapi, the
> video resolution comes out to be the max size of the video framebuffer
> 65535x65535 in my case.
> Can I set where the h264_vaapi crop x,y position and how do I control the
> resolution after using h264_vaapi?
> log file: http://0x0.st/-ifF.txt
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