[FFmpeg-user] Troublemaker in bugtracker

Leo Butler leo.butler81 at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 25 22:58:41 EET 2021

"Sergey \"GrayFace\" Rozhenko via ffmpeg-user" <ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org>

> Hello.
> I've met a childish person with nickname "cehoyos" that made it his
> goal to block a bug report I've filed.

Please do not use such derogatory characterizations. You are insulting
someone who is giving his time without cost to you. I won't reduce
myself to name-calling, but there are many unkind words to describe such

> At first he tried to make up excuses for doing so, then ran out of
> them and just starting setting bug status to "invalid" with no
> reasoning.
> Here is the bug in question: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/9074

In my experience, several developers of ffmpeg are brusque, but
invariable correct. If you find their reply(ies) terse, it is almost
certainly because you do not understand something and they have expected
you to RTFM.

I would characterize your "bug" report as one of those cases. Learn from
your experience, drop the grudge, move on and show some respect for
these people.


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