[FFmpeg-user] Send ffmpeg segments to stdout so they can be processed by next pipe

Szymon Danielczyk danielczyk.szymon at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 01:30:09 EET 2021

I have a pipeline like this in which I simulate a video stream 

ffmpeg -i input.mov -f matroska - |\
ffmpeg -i - -codec copy -map 0 -reset_timestamps 1 \
-segment_time 10 -f segment  output/out%03d.mov

which works and it is splitting the input video into 10 sec long segment files saved into output folder. Now I would like to instead tell ffmpeg to pass them to stdout so in the next pipe I can hook up a script to decide what to do which each segment based on a presence of another file

ffmpeg -i input.mov -f matroska - |\
ffmpeg -i - -codec copy -map 0 -reset_timestamps 1 \
-segment_time 10 -f segment |\

The NEXT_PIPE_SCRIPT should be something like
if [ -f "$TEST_FILE" ]; then
     echo "$TEST_FILE exists going to redirect videos to a folder"
    >> output/$RANDOM.mov
    >> /dev/null

The idea is that depends if the file is there or not some segments should go to /dev/null and some to the output folder.
After much googling I've found this old thread which sais that writing segmented files to stdout is not supported 


Also I do not see any example in the ffmpeg documentation of outputing segments to stdout. 

If this is true will anyone have an idea how to solve it in some other way?


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