[FFmpeg-user] minterpolate performance & alternative

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Fri Jan 29 11:28:47 EET 2021

On 01/28/2021 07:42 PM, pdr0 wrote:
> Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) wrote
>> But perhaps by "process in parallel" you mean something else, eh?
>> ...something I'm unaware of. Can
>> you expand on that?
> I mean "divide and conquer" to use all resources. If you're at 20% CPU
> usage, you can run 4-5 processes
> eg. Split video in to 4-5 segments. Process each simultaneously, each to a
> lossless intermediate, so you're at 100% CPU usage. Then reassemble and
> encode to your final format

I don't think that will work very well, even if I carefully cut on key frames. The reason is that 
the minterpolate filter drops 10 frames and that means that at the join of each section there'll be 
a 1/6 second jump (or maybe worse).

Note: Whether the minterpolate filter drops 10 frames or 5 frames is the subject of [FFmpeg-user] 
minterpolate PTS v frame count weirdness.

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