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Fri Jan 29 17:28:10 EET 2021

Hello administrators, please ban this corporate evangelist from here,

On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 4:02 PM Phil Rhodes via ffmpeg-user <
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>  >You can technically, but minterpolate is not very user friendly - It's
> too> slow for real work and feedback, and you cannot keyframe the settings
> on> different scenes very easily. It's barely usable unless you program
> your own> GUI around libavfilter
> Yes - this is somewhere that commandline tools tend to start to become
> less suitable, when you can't really audition settings and evaluate
> tradeoffs very easily.
> If you have a problem you need to solve quickly, there is optical flow
> interpolation in the free version of Resolve, with better optical flow
> interpolation in the paid version, which might make life a bit easier. Much
> of Resolve is multi-threaded and GPU-accelerated (I'm not completely sure
> if the optical flow is, to be honest, but I'd be astounded if it wasn't)
> and you can to tweak things visually for the best possible compromise.
> Naturally if you're just tweaking around with ffmpeg for fun, fine.
> P
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