[FFmpeg-user] Next Release

Wolfgang Hugemann auto at hugemann.de
Fri Jan 29 20:56:39 EET 2021

I hope that I'm not starting this discussion all over again ...

I have been supporting ImageMagick for years now, where there are also
have no 'stable releases', and I understand that its developers just
don't have the manpower to support these.

ImageMagick does have version numbering, but the developers deploy a new
version every two weeks or so, and I would not recommend using the
newest one (which may have new bugs), unless you have a problem that you
cannot solve with the version already installed.

What may be confusing for a ffmpeg newbie, is that ffmpeg.org does not
provide executables. I guess this is because of patent issues. (It was
the same with the MP3 encoder lame for years.) This could possibly be
somewhat explained on the ffmpeg website.

Wolfgang Hugemann

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