[FFmpeg-user] Loop Recording - use segment argument?

S. Helbig s.helbig at mailbox.org
Sun Jul 4 20:54:34 EEST 2021


I'm scratching my head right now:

I'm working on creating a loop recording of an mpeg stream from a camera.

This one here
points to the FFMPEG documentation suggesting to use the 'segment' option.

If I look through the 'segment' option, it doesn't seem to provide a way
to create a CCTV loop.
There is also the specific 'loop' option but just as the part in the
'segment' option that could be interesting, it is all about looping input.

I can (and prefer to) cut recorded stream into various segments but for
a loop it needs a maximum number of segments with then oldest ones
continuously deleted.

Would FFMPED actually achieve this (as suggested) or is there no way
around doing it with a separate shell command (which I don't mind)?

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