[FFmpeg-user] a means of alerting me to less than 1x streaming

gary0318 at me.com gary0318 at me.com
Wed Jul 7 19:23:49 EEST 2021

I am running 5 ffmpeg stream (via -re) to an nginx server. These 5 streams
are coming from a single linux mint laptop. If one or two of them start
falling below 1x streaming (which happens occasionally when my ISP is
cutting back the uplink bandwidth) then the nginx server chokes and can't
broadcast any of the streams.


Is there a script, or a way that I could monitor the ffmpeg streams and set
off an alarm (via email or bell) to let me know that a stream has dropped
below 1x for more than a few seconds?


Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, in advance.




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